Waters Therapy Shower Head and Filter

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  • Filters Shower Water (built in microfiber filter cleans water) Softens and smoothens skin and hair
  • Softens water (magnetization function provides soft water).
  • Produces Negative Ions Shower Head Produces negative ions (x50 more than a waterfall)
  • Contains vitamin C, collagen and aroma therapy
  • Saves up to 50% in water usage

The innovative multifunctional Waters Therapy Shower Head and Filter cleanses your body and mind and leaves your skin and hair soft and smooth using filtered water, aromatherapy, collagen, and vitamin C. Our Waters Therapy Shower Head was developed to surpass the existing concept of a conventional shower to offer a unique concept, multifunctional Shower Head and Filter with therapeutic effects. A choice of wellbeing and health concerned individuals. Waters Therapy Shower Head with Negative ions: Produces Negative Ions (50X more than a waterfall) Filters Shower Water (built-in microfiber filter cleans water) Saves Water (up to 50% water savings compared to a common shower head) Waters Therapy Shower Filter: Removes Residual Chlorine (Waters Therapy Shower completely removes the residual chlorine in tap water, providing clean and safe water with no concern on skin trouble or hair loss) Softens Water (Waters Therapy Shower includes magnetization function which accelerates water molecule to be absorbed faster into skin by reducing its size and provides soft water) Vitamin C (The Waters Therapy Shower cartridge contains Vitamin C) Collagen (Waters Therapy Shower contains collagen to increase the flexibility and elasticity of your skin) Aroma Therapy (Waters Therapy Shower uses an aroma therapy beneficial for your body and mind)